The Laramie Project - Scenic Design

designer / technical director

In the fall of 2018, I spent several months as a substitute Technical Director at Thomas Worthington High School, covering for their TD who was out on medical leave. I came in just as rehearsals for the Laramie Project were beginning. I was tasked with designing a minimalistic set and lights for this production.


Designed by Nick Hahn


The director requested small pools of light to come up and down as the actors would change characters on stage. The set was meant to be evocative of Laramie, Wyoming, while still allowing audiences to feel drawn in by the world. Supertitle screens were affixed to the walls on Stage Left and Right of the playing space to indicate the shifts in


Tight spots and sparse fills were utilized to let audience members follow the action on stage as characters moved around and entered and exited. LED units were also used for specific moments such as the moment Matthew Shepard was found on the buck fence, or the funeral.

the fence

It was important to me to use naturalistic materials for this set. The buck fences were built by half-lapping the posts with a sawzall and cleaning up with a hammer and chisel. They were tied together using rope, and then the set was dressed with hay and leaves to add an interesting sound to the action on stage.


Thomas Worthington High School, Fall 2018

  • Directed by Justin Nawman

  • Scenic Design by Nick Hahn

  • Lighting Design by Nick Hahn

  • Costume Design by Tina Hughes

  • Technical Direction by Nick Hahn