Dance Concert 2016: The Goddess - Silks

Technical Director

For the 2016 dance concert, the theme was based around the Hindu goddess named Durga. The show opened with a pillar of silks being torn apart and spread across the world. Each silk represented a facet of life (love, destruction, creation, etc.) and in the final moment, the silks come back together to reveal the 8 arms of Durga reborn.



The opening moment was achieved with that old theatre standby: clothespins screwed into a board attached to a batten. 

The finale however called for 16 custom head blocks to be designed and welded. My team and I worked to spec and design the head block, and rigged them into our grid. 

Rigging and running

A custom pin rail was assembled on stage left to make running the lines across the stage easier. Since the finale of the show required all of the silks to shoot up and into the wings, we needed to communicate and work as a team together. The run crew worked well and the effect was achieved beautifully.


Otterbein University, Winter 2016

  • Conceived by Stella Hyatt Kane
  • Scenic Design by Tess Webster
  • Lighting Design by TJ Gerckens
  • Costumes by Rebecca White
  • Technical Supervision by Patrick Stone