Fiddler on the Roof - Raked Thrust

Master carpenter

Fiddler on the Roof was produced at Otterbein University in Cowan hall, the main stage on campus. In the original design meetings, the director wanted a worn wooden floor thrust into the orchestra pit and pitched up at an angle to harken back to the titular roof.



After being pre-fit in the space, the rake was constructed using joist hangers and by drilling directly into the stage. The front of the rake was supported by untreated 4x4s. An escape rake was placed center of the flooring to allow Tevye's milk cart to roll up and down the rake with ease. 


The flooring was made up of 1x10 boards spaced out in the style of outdoor decking. Spacers were used to allow lights underneath the stage to illuminate the actors during Tevye's Dream in a ghostly glow. 

Photo by Karl Kuntz

Production Photo

Otterbein University, Spring 2016

  • Directed by Lenny Leibowitz
  • Scenic Design by Rob Johnson
  • Lighting Design by TJ Gerckens
  • Costume Design by Julia Fererri
  • Technical Direction by Patrick Stone