Rumors - Finish Carpentry


Neil Simon's classic farce is a larger-than-life comedy, and needed an extravagant setting to house all of the hi-jinks. Dan Gray's beautiful design is the largest set I've ever built. At 19 feet tall and nearly 60' wide, the home of Myra and Charlie needed to suggest ample wealth, whilst providing all the door slamming action that this play requiers. 


Custom trim

Our designer specified all custom baseboards, casing, banisters and crown molding to be made in shop. 

Each element needed to be built up from plywood or pine and then shaped to the specified profile the designer created. Custom router table jigs were created to achieve this look.

Bringing it together

Because of the height of the walls, all of the crown molding needed to be installed via a scissor lift.

There were also several large windows that needed to be installed with the scissor lift as well, including window sills and appliques on each of the upper walls. 

Fit and finish

Many hours were spent sanding, spacing, and painting these elements. The trim needed to be perfect in order to help the audience believe this was a real house. If anything was out of place or misaligned, it would stand out like a sore thumb. Because this show didn't need a lot of moving elements scenically, we could devote the time and energy to fine-tuning these elements to complete the look of the house.

Photo by Karl Kuntz


Otterbein University, Fall 2017

  • Directed by Melissa Lusher
  • Scenic Design by Dan Gray
  • Lighting Design by Tori DeProspero
  • Costume Design by Julianne D'errico
  • Technical Direction by Patrick Stone